23 Commits (37e297d1143c37e5173253ec1ce352c706bb4828)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aaron Parecki 37e297d114
accept webmention verification for pages with only mf1 1 year ago
  Aaron Parecki e8e20fc27e
better error when no link is found in microformats 1 year ago
  Aaron Parecki 9fb8a0c9a3
fix the bug where some mf2 JSON requests were not parsed correctly 1 year ago
  Aaron Parecki 989d42a85f
fix for target check for all formats 1 year ago
  Aaron Parecki 491f3796f8
also check for opening rss tag 1 year ago
  Aaron Parecki 19126b5836
pass thru HTTP code and parse deleted pages 2 years ago
  Aaron Parecki d3e36038b2
parse basic ActivityStreams objects 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 154b7e874a
check for a rel=alternate to existing parsed mf2 JSON and use that instead 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 7621bca4a6
adds new "source-format" property to indicate how XRay found the data 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki fc74da5be9
add parser for instagram user feeds 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 171ca175f2
adds an option to process a parsed mf2 page 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 70e9f60c42
update jsonfeed detection 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 7b16371418
add basic support for JSONFeed 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki e8e63caba6
implements parsing Atom and RSS feeds 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki d0de523746
add hackernews support 4 years ago
  sebsel 12f0bebc8a add Facebook events 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 78e3e16592
finishes the refactor! 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 01b53edc95
refactor Twitter parser 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki f19b8fd7dd
refactor XKCD parsing 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 6b65ae1b94
refactor for parsing Instagram and GitHub complete 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 2f52eba556
rename Fetcher class, add stub Parser class 4 years ago