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"body": "Well it's just that php-comments does more than XRay does currently. But that's no good reason.\r\n\r\nThinking about it: yes, I actually use this.\r\n\r\n\r\nMy webmentions are sorted by the type-field from php-comments. (That's how the plugin originally worked.) I use it to display in the facepile, with proper icon, or as a comment below it.\r\n\r\nOf course I can write my own logic for it, which I did today to sort my own posts in my indexing database. I had enough of writing checks like that all the time, and creating separate bool fields in my database table. (An entry with a name is an article, but a bookmark with a name is no article.)\r\nThe database-example is NOT a use case for XRay though.\r\n\r\nBelow is my current $page->postType() method (in Kirby), including commented-out things that I don't use, but found on the wiki.\r\n\r\n```php\r\n public function postType() {\r\n if($this->has('like_of')) return 'like';\r\n if($this->has('bookmark_of')) return 'bookmark';\r\n //if($this->has('tag_of')) return 'tag';\r\n if($this->has('repost_of')) return 'repost';\r\n if($this->has('read_of')) return 'read'; // << haven't implemented myself, now\r\n if($this->has('watch_of')) return 'watch'; // << posting as text notes, but I have them!\r\n if($this->has('checkin')) return 'checkin';\r\n //if($this->has('invitee')) return 'invitation';\r\n if($this->has('rsvp')) return 'rsvp';\r\n if($this->has('in_reply_to')) return 'reply';\r\n if($this->type() == 'event') return 'event';\r\n if($this->type() == 'review') return 'review';\r\n if($this->has('wrote')) return 'wrote'; // << is one is for myself only :/\r\n if($this->has('video')) return 'video';\r\n if($this->has('photo')) return 'photo';\r\n if($this->has('name')) return 'article';\r\n if($this->has('text')) return 'note'; // << 'text' = 'content'\r\n return 'entry';\r\n }\r\n```\r\n\r\nOh, and I totally agree on keeping 'type' for Mf2 :)"