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<p>This content has only valid tags. <a href="/example">links</a>, <abbr>abbreviations</abbr>, <b>bold</b>, <code>inline code</code>, <del>delete</del>, <em>emphasis</em>, <i>italics</i>, <img src="/example.jpg" alt="images are allowed"> <q>inline quote</q>, <strike>strikethrough</strike>, <strong>strong text</strong>, and <time datetime="2016-01-01">time elements</time> are supported inline elements.</p>
<blockquote>Blockquote tags are okay</blockquote>
<pre>preformatted text is okay too
for code examples and such</pre>
<p>Paragraph tags are allowed</p>
<p>We should allow<br>break<br />tags too</p>