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Aaron Parecki 8043ba575f
improve authorship discovery
3 years ago
activitystreams.example also parse the object inside Create activities 3 years ago return issue labels as category 5 years ago support twitter animated gifs 4 years ago recognize h-card if it's the only object 5 years ago improve authorship discovery 3 years ago based tests on TwitterTest.php 5 years ago add test for HN comment 5 years ago add token fetching and authentication for posts 5 years ago return status code and final URL in response 5 years ago
sanitize.example normalize relative URLs in JSONFeed items 3 years ago recognize pattern of h-entry + h-card 3 years ago parse instagram user info from HTML instead of secret JSON API 4 years ago parse XKCD comics 5 years ago
.editorconfig add .editorconfig to data folder 4 years ago
404.response.txt starting the parse function, with tests 6 years ago