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<title>xkcd: Chat Systems</title>
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<img src="//" title="I&#39;m one of the few Instagram users who connects solely through the Unix &#39;talk&#39; gateway." alt="Chat Systems" srcset="// 2x"/>
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Comics I enjoy:<br/>
<a href="">Three Word Phrase</a>,
<a href="">SMBC</a>,
<a href="">Dinosaur Comics</a>,
<a href="">Oglaf</a> (nsfw),
<a href="">A Softer World</a>,
<a href="">Buttersafe</a>,
<a href="">Perry Bible Fellowship</a>,
<a href="">Questionable Content</a>,
<a href="">Buttercup Festival</a>,
<a href="">Homestuck</a>,
<a href="">Junior Scientist Power Hour</a>
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Other things:<br/>
<a href="">Women Also Know Stuff</a>,
<a href="">Tech Solidarity</a>
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