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{"user": {"biography": "Financier, Piano Teacher for Dogs, Lover of Markets, and World's Oldest Millennial\u2122", "blocked_by_viewer": false, "country_block": false, "external_url": "", "external_url_linkshimmed": "\u0026e=ATMF0ElBk9FCnUPSJizt49Rxm4jmMt4LvMyU5-5K4lrID2Gu3QnkMLsO4fCLqiQ", "followed_by": {"count": 6746}, "followed_by_viewer": false, "follows": {"count": 613}, "follows_viewer": false, "full_name": "Mike Merrill", "has_blocked_viewer": false, "has_requested_viewer": false, "id": "1538723", "is_private": false, "is_verified": false, "profile_pic_url": "", "profile_pic_url_hd": "", "requested_by_viewer": false, "username": "kmikeym", "connected_fb_page": null, "media": {"nodes": [{"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1493862247097110896", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BS7Q8yFlxFw", "date": 1492302278, "display_src": "", "caption": "Took out another bottle of @streginald because she is still going strong. \ud83c\udf77 + \u2600\ufe0f = so many chores.", "comments": {"count": 1}, "likes": {"count": 42}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1493790665913873148", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BS7ArI6lzL8", "date": 1492293745, "display_src": "", "caption": "We have a clear division of labor. Whenever she does chores I open a bottle of wine. Usually I mow so I'm celebrating this chore with @streginald", "comments": {"count": 1}, "likes": {"count": 58}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1491590074156295915", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BSzMUUIlabr", "date": 1492031414, "display_src": "", "caption": "I'm working on a project that involves a pile of women's shoes and a green screen. Learn more by clicking link in bio...", "comments": {"count": 11}, "likes": {"count": 26}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1490850662728343871", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BSwkMdlFCE_", "date": 1491943270, "display_src": "", "caption": "I think a fake Rolex with a dead battery is a more true expression of the purpose of a fancy watch. #showoff #fancy #rolex #authenticity", "comments": {"count": 7}, "likes": {"count": 48}}, {"__typename": "GraphVideo", "id": "1489416853856431896", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 640, "width": 640}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": true, "code": "BSreLzAl68Y", "date": 1491772346, "display_src": "", "video_views": 218, "caption": "Happy birthday to my niece, who seems to love her new crossbow, which she named \"Crossbow\". Also, apologies to her parents. #sorrynotsorry", "comments": {"count": 3}, "likes": {"count": 55}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1488054749169564036", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BSmoekKlbmE", "date": 1491609971, "display_src": "", "caption": "There is no display of light in nature that can match the wondrous infinity of a well lit green screen.", "comments": {"count": 1}, "likes": {"count": 42}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1487201979478607697", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BSjmlIgFIdR", "date": 1491508313, "display_src": "", "caption": "#tbt Back in the late 90's I was in a one-man Hall and Oates cover band. Nothing about this venture was successful but I suspect the idea was sound, it was just a matter of bad timing...", "comments": {"count": 10}, "likes": {"count": 90}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1486640908196084196", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BShnAeJl3nk", "date": 1491441428, "display_src": "", "caption": "They call port \"fortified wine\" because it's so full of vitamins. You basically get healthier the more you drink. \ud83c\udf77 #ForYourHealth", "comments": {"count": 6}, "likes": {"count": 37}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1486477270042685418", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1080, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BShBzOPli_q", "date": 1491421921, "display_src": "", "caption": "Don't you hate it on #LaundryDay when you have to dive into the back of your closet to find something to wear?", "comments": {"count": 1}, "likes": {"count": 37}}, {"__typename": "GraphVideo", "id": "1481435661462349375", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 640, "width": 640}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": true, "code": "BSPHeKXDyY_", "date": 1490820914, "display_src": "", "video_views": 160, "caption": "I did a 10 minute poll on twitter asking if I should make more coffee and \ud83d\udcaf% of the four participants voted yes so I made this video for them.", "comments": {"count": 3}, "likes": {"count": 50}}, {"__typename": "GraphImage", "id": "1475462600909411171", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 1075, "width": 1080}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": false, "code": "BR55WsOlFNj", "date": 1490108870, "display_src": "", "caption": "Gia had an idea for a business so I'm teaching her how to think through it using a lean business canvas. She's a bit overwhelmed because she is color blind.", "comments": {"count": 3}, "likes": {"count": 95}}, {"__typename": "GraphVideo", "id": "1473512141218976653", "comments_disabled": false, "dimensions": {"height": 640, "width": 640}, "owner": {"id": "1538723"}, "thumbnail_src": "", "is_video": true, "code": "BRy93xFlRON", "date": 1489876357, "display_src": "", "video_views": 131, "caption": "@mariiijke soothes the beasts.", "comments": {"count": 3}, "likes": {"count": 34}}], "count": 1462, "page_info": {"has_next_page": true, "end_cursor": "AQAeREC9PuIQS0VBP6L92N6hRk_FiegnfyR5p3A1C2FDNgB7zaZyf3uMmuDIVa6b1uAnsNDTVbzN2jbYco5Rgi6oDwfrio96ymMUL_4XXoaQFg"}}}, "logging_page_id": "profilePage_1538723"}