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<body class="h-recipe">
<h2 class="p-name">Cookie Recipe</h2>
<a href="/h-recipe" class="u-url">permalink</a>
<div class="p-yield">12 Cookies</div>
<time class="dt-duration" datetime="PT30M">30 Minutes</time>
<div class="p-summary">The best chocolate chip cookie recipe</div>
<li class="p-ingredient">3 cups flour</li>
<li class="p-ingredient">1/2 cup sugar</li>
<li class="p-ingredient">1 cup butter</li>
<li class="p-ingredient">chocolate chips</li>
<div class="e-instructions">
<li>Mix the ingredients</li>
<li>Spoon onto a cookie sheet</li>
<li>Bake until they're done</li>