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add h-recipe
5 years ago
data add h-recipe 5 years ago
AuthorTest.php strict type checking on properties 6 years ago
FeedTest.php support h-review and h-product vocab 5 years ago
FetchTest.php match `http-equiv=Status` in addition to `status` 5 years ago
FetchTestDisabled.php disable tests that make actual http calls 5 years ago
HelpersTest.php convert hostnames to lowercase 6 years ago
InstagramTest.php add twitter support 5 years ago
ParseTest.php add h-recipe 5 years ago
SanitizeTest.php add tests for validating URL fields 6 years ago
TokenTest.php should always return 200 5 years ago
TwitterTest.php return status code and final URL in response 5 years ago
bootstrap.php set default config for test suite 5 years ago