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Aaron Parecki 2d19db0308
include instagram bio in h-card
4 years ago
Facebook.php based tests on TwitterTest.php 5 years ago
Format.php fix whitespace handling for br tags in html 4 years ago
GitHub.php refactor for parsing Instagram and GitHub complete 5 years ago
HTML.php add h-x-app vocabulary 4 years ago
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_Microformats2.php get rid of global functions 5 years ago
Hackernews.php adds in-reply-to property for HN comments 5 years ago
Instagram.php include instagram bio in h-card 4 years ago
JSONFeed.php update jsonfeed detection 4 years ago
Mf2.php whitespace cleanup 4 years ago
Mf2Feed.php prioritize url on the same domain 4 years ago
Twitter.php include in-reply-to URL for tweets 4 years ago
XKCD.php more strict match for XKCD comics 4 years ago
XML.php switch to fork of picofeed with authorUrl support 4 years ago