12 Commits (136c1826dd64d9d7ed368004312b4f5fcd7f2ed9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aaron Parecki 782780234a
improvements to login UI, upgrades libraries 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 7047fe16da
support posting code snippets 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 202a7876ec
nicer photo uploading experience 5 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 4aa06023f0
clean up note UI, show reply context 5 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 926546106e
add loading indicator to post buttons 5 years ago
  Prateek Saxena 6ba8cf48a8 Remove vendor prefix for border-radius value 6 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 92b55f2636 some styling for photo uploads 6 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 8be498a324 new "favorite" form with bookmarklet 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 2cd148c792 Support for "likes" and adding "settings" page 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki cf8ecf1fc9 adds bookmark posting interface with bookmarklet. now any URL can auto-login given a login token. 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 9ff3e59193 removes top nav bar from design. new logo. adds a mechanism to add the post interface to your home screen. 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 3f82ec2f75 Working app! Copied signin logic from OwnYourGram. New "post" interface for writing a simple text post. Also supports browser geolocation. 8 years ago