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<h1><img src="/images/icons/apple-icon-144x144.png" height="72" style="margin-bottom: 13px;" class="u-logo p-name" alt="Switchboard"> Switchboard</h1>
<p class="tagline p-summary">Switchboard is a PubSubHubbub 0.4 hub.</p>
<p>To publish content using Switchboard as your hub, add the following links to your home page:</p>
<p><pre>&lt;link rel="self" href=""&gt;
&lt;link rel="hub" href=""&gt;</pre></p>
<p>Then, send a POST request to <code></code> with the following
parameters every time you add content to your home page:</p>
<p>Read more info about <a href="">how to publish and consume using PubSubHubbub</a>.</p>
<a href="<?= Config::$base_url ?>/" class="u-url"></a>