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update docs
5 years ago
docs update docs 5 years ago
edit basic editing support 5 years ago
partials fix autosubmit vulnerability for "favorite" bookmarklet 5 years ago
add-to-home.php removes top nav bar from design. new logo. adds a mechanism to add the post interface to your home screen. 8 years ago
auth_callback.php do the micropub post and redirect after it's created! 7 years ago
auth_error.php check for empty "me" parameter 8 years ago
auth_start.php basic editing support 5 years ago
creating-a-micropub-endpoint.php add privacy policy stub 7 years ago
dashboard.php use emoji in footer 5 years ago
editor.php add tokenfield for tags 5 years ago
email.php add post-by-email support to quill 7 years ago
event.php add tokenfield for tags 5 years ago
index.php use config vars for home page client_id and redirect_uri 5 years ago
layout.php comment out awesomplete library 5 years ago
new-bookmark.php use `mp-syndicate-to` by default, add setting 5 years ago
new-favorite.php show error messages when editing favorites 5 years ago
new-flight.php add interface for checking in to flights 5 years ago
new-itinerary.php fix JSON syntax for itinerary 5 years ago
new-post.php hide alt text field if no media endpoint exists 5 years ago
new-repost.php support editing reposts 5 years ago
privacy.php remove facebook/instagram stuff 5 years ago
review.php fix JSON syntax for reviews 5 years ago
settings.php add reset login option 5 years ago