199 Commits (5f89ca0552ba69d94af950503bf915bc19d633b1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aaron Parecki 1fac25a340
add nice labels to bookmark page 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 6d1756a512
send h-product 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 64452d3d6c
add h-review interface 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki d3e523b990
move some auth routes to auth.php 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 41da80b668
use emoji icons because they're prettier 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 4f20fa3c74
fix removing photo url 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 84e0aa6237
fix replacing photo upload form with uploaded photo 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki c1972ee08c
support posting multiple photos by URL 7 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 9c3ef26741 add manual photo URL field 7 years ago
  Christian Weiske 19a1628b5a Support full automatic no-questions-asked login 8 years ago
  Christian Weiske d710ed760f Add installation instructions 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki dbb17a5182 fix syndicate-to on bookmarks 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 455a6c9dfe don't restore previous note state if reply URL is set 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 3193c04346 more checks 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki f255179c39 don't need to json.parse when the content type header is right 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki bc2ce00d55 check for saveNoteState function 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki faf0bcc2c3 use "file" key to send file to media endpoint 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki a5d58b45b4 use media-endpoint for consistency 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 0a74de5b7b send proper content type headers 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 542aa812f8 support media endpoint, autosave notes in local storage 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 29f0c9b054 fix syndication for bookmarks 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki c1101c687d escape html in syndication targets 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 1743621c48 get rid of duplicate ctrl-s handlers 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 3cd68c5331 hide remove photo button before JS loads 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 3ea51af407 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:aaronpk/Quill 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 35aa1b78c8 fix when multiple syndication are checked 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki fbe5ffa79c Merge pull request #46 from prtksxna/radius 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena 6ba8cf48a8 Remove vendor prefix for border-radius value 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki c3129f4189 Merge pull request #45 from prtksxna/fullscreen 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki da968f58b8 Merge pull request #44 from prtksxna/icons 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 3fc4084781 Merge pull request #43 from prtksxna/remove-image 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena 3f7f28418f Add fullscreen meta tags for Safari and Chrome 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena 3df5df9dc4 Add 196px icon for Android Chrome 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena e42a94a988 Use jQuery event handler instead of the HTML onchange attribute 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena f020bd9129 Add a way to remove image from post once added 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 34819e55ef Merge pull request #41 from prtksxna/broken-image 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena ef77497442 Stop showing broken image icon on the new post page 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 90442d1da1 Merge pull request #39 from prtksxna/isset-config-dbtype 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 3f61541094 accept new json q=syndicate-to response 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena ebf06e09d2 Check if the $dbType property isset on the Config class 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki bd97d362c7 check if dbType is set, otherwise use mysql 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 904782f973 move editor folder to editor-files, remove appcache 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki d0055bad24 Merge pull request #37 from prtksxna/undeclared-static-property 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 989313458f Merge pull request #38 from prtksxna/publish-now-popup 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena 9c8559ad20 Fix publish now dropdown's position so it doesn't scroll off 8 years ago
  Prateek Saxena 758e51d81d Explicitly define $dbType for default MySQL config 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 76dedd3c22 fix posting multiple tags, add more formatting buttons to medium editor 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 9662af5a17 set category from hashtags in post 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 42a5e44d17 autofill the note content with the username being replied to 8 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 9e817943ac integrates photo uploading in the main note interface 8 years ago