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namespace p3k\HTTP;
interface Transport {
Return an array with the following keys:
* code - integer, the HTTP response code that was returned
* header - string, the HTTP headers returned
* body - string, the body of the HTTP response, or false/omit for a HEAD request
* error - string, an error string. see below for the enumerated list.
* error_description - string,
* url - string, the final URL retrieved after following any redirects
* debug - string, the full HTTP response
Error Strings:
* dns_error
* connect_error
* timeout
* ssl_error
* ssl_cert_error
* ssl_unsupported_cipher
* too_many_redirects
* unknown
public function get($url, $headers);
public function post($url, $body, $headers=[]);
public function head($url);
public function set_timeout($timeout);
public function set_max_redirects($max_redirects);