8 Commits (c0f1f407630de0c6d318d2831f4db9349d4673c2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Martijn van der Ven c0f1f40763 Different redirects array format 3 years ago
  Martijn van der Ven 8acf813443 Bring back the debug property 3 years ago
  Martijn van der Ven a1e7c7ff03 Use CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION to track requests 3 years ago
  Martijn van der Ven fe272902e1
Allow curl to use HTTP/2 3 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 04a9a49245
return code as int 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 6ef5134d76
fix HTTP\Stream 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki 7409b0a44f
add docs, fix user agent 4 years ago
  Aaron Parecki feded6ce66
copied HTTP files from new XRay 4 years ago