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  1. <div class="narrow">
  2. <?= partial('partials/header') ?>
  3. <h2 id="introduction">Introduction</h2>
  4. <div class="col-xs-6 col-md-4" style="float: right;">
  5. <span class="thumbnail"><img src="/images/teacup-ui.png"></span>
  6. </div>
  7. <p>This is a simple <a href="">Micropub</a> client for
  8. creating text posts on your own website. To use it, you will need to turn your website
  9. into an OAuth provider, and implement a Micropub endpoint that this app will send
  10. requests to.</p>
  11. <p>Once you've signed in, you'll see an interface like the one shown which you can use to
  12. write a post. Clicking "post" will make a Micropub request to your endpoint.<p>
  13. <h2 id="endpoints">Configuring Endpoints</h2>
  14. <h3>Authorization Endpoint</h3>
  15. <p><i>The authorization endpoint tells this app where to direct your browser to sign you in.</i></p>
  16. <?= partial('partials/auth-endpoint-help') ?>
  17. <h3>Token Endpoint</h3>
  18. <p><i>The token endpoint is where this app will make a request to get an access token after obtaining authorization.</i></p>
  19. <?= partial('partials/token-endpoint-help') ?>
  20. <h3>Micropub Endpoint</h3>
  21. <p><i>The Micropub endpoint is the URL this app will use to post new photos.</i></p>
  22. <?= partial('partials/micropub-endpoint-help') ?>
  23. <p>The <a href="/creating-a-micropub-endpoint">Creating a Micropub Endpoint</a> tutorial will walk you through how to handle incoming POST requests from apps like this.</p>
  24. </div>