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<img src="/images/favorite-interface.jpg" style="max-width: 300px; float: right;">
<p>The favorite interface is for creating favorite posts.</p>
<p>On the favorite interface, you can drag a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. This will let you favorite pages that you're viewing with a single click.</p>
<h3>Post Properties</h3>
<p>The following properties will be sent in the Micropub request. This request will be sent as a form-encoded request.</p>
<p>The access token is sent in the Authorization HTTP header:</p>
<pre>Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXXX</pre>
<li><code>h=entry</code> - This indicates that this is a request to create a new <a href="">h-entry</a> post.</li>
<li><code>like-of</code> - This is the URL that you are favoriting.</li>
<p>Back to <a href="/docs/creating-posts">Creating Posts</a></p>