tokenEndpoint): ?> auth): ?>

Bad response from token endpoint

Your token endpoint returned a response that was not understood.

auth, 'error')): ?>


Got an error response from the token endpoint:

auth['error'] ?>

auth, 'error_description') ? ('


') : '' ?>
auth, array('me','access_token','scope'))): ?>


All required values were found! You are now signed in.


auth, 'access_token')): ?>

Missing access_token

The token endpoint did not return an access token. The access_token parameter is the token the client will use to make requests to the Micropub endpoint.

auth, 'me')): ?>

Missing me

The token endpoint did not return a "me" parameter. The me parameter lets this client know what user the token is for.

auth, 'scope')): ?>

Missing scope

The token endpoint did not return a "scope" parameter. The scope parameter lets this client what permission the token represents.

Token endpoint response

Below is the raw response from your token endpoint (tokenEndpoint ?>):

curl_error ?> response) ?>


Could not find your token endpoint. We found it last time, so double check nothing on your website has changed in the mean time.