Signing In

To begin using Quill, you need to sign in. This will grant Quill an access token that it will use when it creates posts on your website.

Authentication happens at a website that you choose, and you authorize Quill to be able to post on your website. If you are familiar with OAuth 2.0, you will recognize many of the concepts here.

When you sign in to Quill, you start by entering your URL. This URL delegates the various aspects of signing in and granting authorization to other services, which may or may not be part of your website.

Configuring Endpoints

To tell Quill where to find the endpoints it will need to log you in, you'll need to add some HTML tags to your home page.

Authorization Endpoint

Token Endpoint

Micropub Endpoint

The Creating a Micropub Endpoint tutorial will walk you through how to handle incoming POST requests from apps like this.

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