Signed In As

me user->url; ?> (should be your URL)
scope user->micropub_scope ?> (should be a space-separated list of permissions including "create")
micropub endpoint user->micropub_endpoint ?> (should be a URL)
media endpoint user->micropub_media_endpoint ? ''.$this->user->micropub_media_endpoint.'' : 'no media endpoint' ?>
access token user->micropub_access_token ?>
Clicking this button will erase the access token Quill has stored for you, forget all cached endpoints, and sign you out. If you sign back in, you will start over and see the debugging screens and scope options again.


Connecting a Twitter account will automatically "favorite" and "retweet" tweets on Twitter when you favorite and retweet a Twitter URL in Quill.

Backwards Compatibility

You can customize some of the properties that are sent in the Micropub request to work with your specific endpoint.

Choose the name of the field that the slug will be sent in. This should be set to mp-slug unless your endpoint is using a custom property or the deprecated slug property.
Choose the name of the field that the syndication values will be sent in. This should be set to mp-syndicate-to unless your endpoint is using the deprecated syndicate-to property.
Send HTML Content user->micropub_optin_html_content ? 'checked="checked"' : '' ?>> When checked, content from Quill's HTML editor will be sent in a property called content[html] rather than just content. See the Micropub specification for more details.